Merry Christmas – Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas – Merry Christmas Everyone

Not only Christians but people having different faiths also celebrate this day.

Christmas is the most important and festive holiday season in many countries which is the celebration of Jesus‘s birth.

More than 160 countries celebrate Christmas as the most famous festival.

Every country has its own culture to celebrate Christmas, but the spirit is utmost similar in nature.

There are three days in which everyone can enjoy and celebrates the Christmas holidays.

24th December is the first day of Christmas celebration, which is also known as Christmas Eve.

The second one is Christmas Day, which celebrates all over the world on December 25.

While the third-day celebration is the Boxing Day, which celebrates on December 26.

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Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

Christian community believe that Christmas is the birthday celebration of Jesus Christ.

There are many other interpretations but the most popular narration about Christmas is that when Jesus’ parents Mary and Joseph arrived in the city of Bethlehem, they had no lodgings and they confined to a small stable in the inn where Jesus was born. This narrative is also known as the nativity of Jesus.

Christmas celebrations take on lots of forms in 160 countries, but the most common is decorating home with colorful, bright lights and decorating a Christmas tree.

Children are the happiest to celebrate the Christmas, they get lots of gifts from family and Santa Claus.

children believe that Santa Claus bring all the presents for children in the night and place them underneath Christmas tree.

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Christmas Holidays

There is public holidays on Christmas day around the world, such as USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK, etc.

A Holiday for Govt offices, businesses, educational institutions, and post offices.

If you are planning to travel using public transport, you must check first and then schedule the travel.

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Facts about Christmas

The Christmas is an old English word, derived from “Cristes Maesse”.

As mentioned before that Christmas is the birth celebration of Jesus Christ but many others believe this is not the actual birth date.

Scholars from different faith have disagreement on the birth date of Jesus Christ but Christian celebrates on December 25.

The Orthodox Christian believes Jesus was born on January 27 and they celebrate Christmas day on January 7.

It is also possible that birthday celebration of Jesus was set at December because that was the time when days in the northern hemisphere begun to grow longer.

The Christmas’s holidays custom descended from different cultures such as Roman, Celtic, West Asian, Teutonic and Christians.

The Mistletoe is most used for the Christmas decoration as a Christmas tree.

Accoding to tradition, if a couple meet under mistletoe are must obliged to a kiss, as it consider a bad luck if they refused to kiss.

It is also Christian community belief that mistletoe tree came from Heaven

Santa Claus is also famous as a Father Christmas and reindeer, snowman, candy canes can be seen in Christmas cards which are associated with a Christmas celebration.

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