Spring Festival 2020

Spring Festival | Chinese Spring Festival 2020

Spring Festival is actually Chinese New Year which is also called Lunar New Year.

It is the most popular festival which is celebrated by around 20% of the world population.

Spring Festival has no any particular date it may change every year depending on Lunar Year.

In 2019 it was celebrated on 5th February and in 2020 its celebrations will start from 25th January.

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Chinese Zodiac describes every year with an animal sign,2019 was year of Pig while 2020 is the year of Rat.

Even most popular Metropolitan cities of the world like Francisco,London and Sydney also celebrate this biggest event.

Apart from this countries Like Vietnam,South and North Korea also Celebrate Chinese New Year.

Spring Festival
Spring Festival

Spring Festival Traditions

There are many exciting Myths connected with Chinese New Year according to one of them There was a Monster whose name was Nian.

Every New Year’s Eve Nian used to come to fight and scare innocent people and run away.

One day a brave boy fought and killed him with Firecrackers.

Next day people celebrated it as Survival Day by using Firecrackers.

That practice became part of Chinese New Year and they still celebrate it as a Remembrance.

One myth related to Monster Nian is that the Firecrackers are used to Scare Monsters and Evil Spirits.

So people celebrate Chinese New Year by setting off Firecrackers at mid night of the New Year’s Eve to wellcome Spring Festival.

Acoording to chinese people their most important dinner in the whole year is New Year’s Eve dinner.

New Year’s Eve dinner is also called Family Reunion Dinner.

Instead of eating dinner in a Restaurent majorty of the chinese people eat dinner in their homes.

Fish and Dumplings are the two most important dishes for dinner on that day.

There is an other tradition of chinese new year in which gifts called red envelopes are given most commonly to kids by their parents or from other relatives.

Red envelpoes are actually red packets which contain a good amount of money in it.

According to another tradition before 2 or 3 days of Spring Festival Chinese people will start cleaning their homes completely.

They will not just clean their homes but will also replace their old things with new things.

After that cleaning decorations will start and people will start decorating their homes to wellcome New Year.

Red colour is known as the main colour of this festival therefor you will see every street,buildings and houses decorated with red colours.

Spring Festival Greetings

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Chinese people greet New Year to their friends and relatives by saying “Gong hei fat Choy” .

Gong hei fat Choy means wishing you a great happiness and prosperity.

Spring Festival holidays

Spring Festival Celebrations will be continued for 15 days in China

If we talk about Lagal holidays in china than there is a Long 7 Days continious holidays .

These will start on 24th January 2020 to 30 January 2020.

This week is also called a Golden week because that week is completely a Holiday week.

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